Life: Love your mother

Once upon a time in remote a tiny-isolated island live a young beautiful mother with her baby. Since her husband has already passed away, she have to work for living. She has to leave her baby in doing so.

One day, when the baby’s left alone in the house, accidentally, a cat came and dropped the lantern, so, the house engulfed in fire. As the mother come, her neighbour told her not to go inside the house for the fire was terrifying.

For her daughter, she run into the house to save her. She managed to save her daughter, but fire burn her face. Her beautiful face is now terrifying.

After a few years, her daughter grown beautifully. She hate her mother for being ugly. Most of the time, she hurt her mother’s feelings with her behavior and language in front of her friends.

For being beautiful, a prince wishes to  marry her and asked to meet her mother, after he look her behaviour to her mother, the prince asked the mother and the neighbours what’s happening to the mother? Is she ill?

The mother remained silence, but an old neighbour tells the prince how beautiful the mother was, and what happened to her. The daughter shocked and find herself bad, evil and guilty to her mother.

At last the daughter appologizing to her mother and life hapilly ever after with the prince and her mother. But after 2 months her mother passed away. Now she regret not to respect her mother while she has some time with her mother.

“Love your mother, for her love to you is real. You can’t predict how long will you see her face”

=A Story from The Sunday School 16 years ago=

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